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Pricing Strategy

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Bull Market in NW Tucson Despite Recent News Article

LETS BE CLEAR – despite controversial news – New construction in NW TUCSON  is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!

KGUN-9 REPORTS – Drop in Foreclosure Rates –  Sounds good – BUT – but who can be happy about having the 4th Highest foreclosure rate in the Nation.

Read general gist of KGUN-9 – below.

Now listen what someone in the trenches says!   – New Construction is HOT in NW Tucson.  Buyers are grabbing great homes at great prices. Some builders are raising introductory prices weekly because demand is so HIGH! –   I have the Proof!

Also – Arizona is poised as one of the better states in the country to have foreclosures not ruin or  flood our inventory.  We are in much better condition than may states.

HERE IS MY BEEF WITH READING ONE ARTICLE – like this one – there is no supporting information.  Articles report statements of truth in a way that bias people’s opinions – because they are simply little snap shot articles!

I can’t dispute the fact that we may have the 4th highest foreclosure rate in the country – BUT  – in my opinion –  This article comes off negative and I see a Bull Market and real excitement is some areas of TUCSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s something given all the doom and gloom being printed!

KGUN-9 general info listed below.

The foreclosure rate for the state of Arizona is finally coming down. Arizona, which has had a foreclosure rate one of the highest of the nation, ranking as the second highest rate in the nation. However, foreclosure rates dropped by 29% in the month of August, dropping us to the 4th highest  foreclosure state. The news is not all good though. Despite the fact that our rate decreased, Illinois and Florida’s rates skyrocketed.   –   Toll Free 888-825-8251 or 520-MOVE-532

YouTube – JoeKnowsTucson –

GoDaddy Website Hacked

A potential issue for many small-business owners

The domain hosting site was hacked by a hacker claiming to be part of the hacker group “Anonymous”. Though the reason for the hack is unclear, it is possible that several million of these sites have crashed due to the hack.

I myself have a domain name from GoDaddy which I use for my real estate business. Thankfully, my website was not affected by this crash, but they estimate that several hundred thousand sites were brought down from the crash.

Hopefully, will try to improve their security to keep this kind of hack from happening again. I hope they have managed to get the sites back up and running. I owned a small business for 14 years and I know how much of an effect losing the website for even a few days can have on your sales. If I had lost my real estate website, my clients could lose valuable time to spot and bid on the house they want to buy.

Hopefully, they will address these security issues and prevent such a breach in the future. I know I, for one, hope we never have an issue like this again.   –   Toll Free 888-825-8251 or 520-MOVE-532

YouTube – JoeKnowsTucson –

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March Pending Sales RIse, Market Recovering

Keep a tab on the market. New information shows the market is beginning to recover.